Tuesday, May 22, 2012

James Brown Month: GODFATHER in the GARAGE - Papa's Got a Brand New Trash Bag

While "Out of Sight" is probably the number one garage/frat/show band JB cover, and there's no shortages of "Try Me", today we're featuring a trio of versions of "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag."

First up is this lo-fi live version from Mike St. Shaw & the Prophets, found on the Audio Fidelity (of all things) release Where It's At: Cheetah, in 1966. Cheetah was a dance club in New York, on the sight of the old Riviera Ballroom at Broadway and 53rd. It's a weird Audio Fidelity release, in that there is little fidelity to the audio, and not all the material is ace, but Tucson, AZ based St. Shaw and the Prophets perform a ripping medley of Good Lovin/Papa, the papa portion presented here.  

papa's got a brand new hump!

The Invictas version is pure snotty teenage thrust, which is appropriate from this band of Rochester, NY humpers. 

The slickest, floor-fillingest version of the lot comes from future Redbone stars Pat and Lolly Vegas, from their At the Haunted House LP. The Haunted House was located in Hollywood, and while I doubt the album was recorded live, it's an excellent California rock 'n' roll party record with a  great guitar/bass sound. 

Special thanks to Greg Cartwright for the loan of the Invictas and Pat & Lolly records.  More from the Cart-chives in the next couple of weeks.