Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Little

The Tallysmen: Little by Little
The Rolling Stones: Mother's Little Helper (mono)
The Kinks: Little Queenie (BBC)
The Wheels: Bad Little Woman
Them: My Little Baby (mono)
The Hollies: Little Lover
The Yardbirds: Little Games
The Spencer Davis Group: Every Little Thing
The Beatles: Every Little Thing (mono)
The Rolling Stones: Mother's Little Helper (backing track)
The Little Darlings: Little Bit of Soul
Manfred Mann: My Little Red Book
Love: My Little Red Book
Los Bravos: Bring a Little Lovin'
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels: Little Latin Lupe Lu
Dusty Springfield: Little By Little
George Baker Selection: Little Green Bag
The Ventures: A Little Bit of Action (bed)
The Deepest Blue: Pretty Little Thing
The Foggy Notions: Need a Little Lovin'
The Standells: Little Sally Tease
The Electric Prunes: Little Olive
The Syndicate of Sound: Little Girl
Them: Little Girl
The Illusions: Little Girl
The Tyrannies: Little Girl
The Rationals: Little Girls Cry (Deon's Song)
The Liars: Always Little Girls Cry
The Hijackers: My Little Girl
Ian & The Zodiacs: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
The Tropics: Hey Little Girl
The Odyssey: Little Girl Little Boy
The Ventures: A Little Bit You, A Little Bit Me (bed)
The Doors: You're Lost, Little Girl (mono)
The Odds & Ends: (Hey Little Girl) Before You Go
The Humbugs: Go on Home Little Girl

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Bobby Connerly: Little Girls Go Home
The Crabs: Bye Bye My Little Girl
The Clique: Little Miss Lucy
Bobby Fuller Four: Little Annie Lou
Tommy Jett: Groovy Little Trip
Roy Head & The Traits: Just a Little Bit
Glambilly: Stay a Little Longer
Sir Douglas Quintet: Too Little Too Late

The Aztex: The Little Streets in This Town

Bonus Tracks:
Mogen David & The Grapes of Wrath: Little Girl Gone
The Beach Boys: The Little Girl I Once Knew
The Chasers: Hey Little Girl
The Wranglers: Little Liza Jane
The Blue Rondos: Little Baby
Barry Fantoni: Little Man in a Little Box
Evie Sands: Take Me for a Little While (live 1966)
The Tribe: Fickle Little Girl
The Barbarians: Hey Little Bird
The Left Banke: Sing Little Bird Sing
Chuck Conlon: Poor Little Mixed Up Kid
Nick Lowe: Little Hitler
Elvis Costello & The Attractions: Two Little Hitlers
Diana Darrin: Little Gun, Little Me
The Monkees: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You

Thursday, September 7, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Food and Beverage

Elvis Presley: Smorgasbord
Nick Lowe's Last Chicken in the Shop: Let's Eat
Pink Floyd: Candy and a Currant Bun
The Rolling Stones: Rice Krispies
The Beatles: Savoy Truffle (2018 mix)
High Street East: Newcastle Brown
Manfred Mann: Sweet Pea
The Troggs: Coca Cola spot
The Who: Heinz Baked Beans
The Strangeloves: I Want Candy (mono)
Cinnamon Quill: Candy
The Searchers: Sweets for My Sweet
Strawberry Alarm Clock: Incense and Peppermints
Sixth Day Creation: Cherry Pie
The Box Tops: Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
Herman's Hermits: No Milk Today
Booker T & The MGs: One Mint Julep
The Yardbirds: Great Shakes spot/Honey in Your Hips
The Hollies: A Taste of Honey (mono)
Ian & The Zodiacs: No Money No Honey
The Mourning After: Inside the Honeypot
The Mal Thursday Quintet: A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine!
Victor Feldman Quartet: A Taste of Honey
Little Milton: Grits Ain't Groceries
Kenny Burrell: Wavy Gravy
Chuck Berry: Fish & Chips
The Crossfires: One Potato, Two Potato
Shadows of Knight: Potato Chip
Mothers of Invention: Call Any Vegetable
The Beach Boys: Vegetables
The Ventures: Green Onions
Roy Orbison: Coca Cola spot

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:

The Shades: Ginger Bread Man
The Clique: Sugar on Sunday
Roy Head: Apple of My Eye
The Countdown Five: Candy
The Chocolate Moose: Chocolate Moose Theme
George Jones: White Lightning
Bobby Fuller: Wine, Wine, Wine

Jerry Lee Lewis: Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-odee
The Bee Gees: Wine and Women
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood: Summer Wine
Eric Burdon & War: Spill the Wine (live 1970)
The Cherry Drops: Magically Delicious

Bonus Tracks:
The Evergreen: Food for Soul
Blondie: Eat to the Beat
Southern Culture on the Skids: Fried Chicken and Gasoline
Fear: Beef Boloney
Hasil Adkins: No More Hot Dogs
Andre Williams: Rib Tips pts 1 & 2
Nina Simone: Give Me a Pig Foot and a Bottle of Beer
Cream: Sweet Wine
Flamin' Groovies: Whisky Woman
Ray Charles: Candy
Fun and Games: Elephant Candy
The Elite: One Potato
The 5-6-7-8s: Hey! Mashed Potato! Hey
The Rutles: Cheese and Onions
The Driving Stupid: Horror Asparagus Stories

Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Can/Do

 With guest DJ Alex Piandes of The Desperate Hours

The Birdwatchers: Can I Do It
The Zombies: What More Can I Do (BBC)
The Moody Blues: He Can Win
The Zephyrs: I Can Tell
The Artwoods: Can You Hear Me
The Who: I Can See for Miles (mono)
The Red Squares: You Can Be My Baby
Booker T & The MGs: Can You Dig It? (bed)
Rufus Thomas: Can Your Monkey Do The Dog 
The Titans: Can It Be
Roscoe Robinson: How Much Pressure (Do You Think I Can Stand)   
Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers: Can Can '62 (bed)   
T. Valentine: Do The Do   
Suzi Quatro: Can The Can
Funkadelic: Can You Get To That           
Val & The V's: Do It Again A Little Bit Slower   
Sir Michael & The Sounds : Can You
The Esquires: Cry Is All I Do
The Savoy's: Can It Be
Family: I Wanna Do It   
The Ramones: Do You Wanna Dance
The Mile Ends: I Can Never Say   
The Crystals: Da Doo Ron Ron

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:

The Liberty Bell: I Can See
The Briks: Can You See Me
The Twilighters: Nothing Can Bring Me Down
Fever Tree: I Can Beat Your Drum
Sir Douglas Quintet (+2): Can You Dig My Vibrations?

Tommy James & The Shondells: Do Something To Me (mono)  
Marvin Gaye: Can I Get A Witness   
Betty Wright: Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do   
The Lovelites: How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad   
The Monks: We Do Wie Du
Rodd Keith: How Can A Man Overcome His Heartbroken Pain
The Uncalled For: Do Like Me   
The Move: I Can Hear The Grass Grow
The Turbans: Wadda Do   
The Beau Brummels: Can It Be
Elkie Brooks: The Way You Do The Things You Do
The Ronettes: Do I Love You?   
The Troggs: I Can Only Give You Everything   
The Tempests: Lemon Lime (bed)
The Rolling Stones: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 

Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Royalty Check

The Pink Floyd: I'm a King Bee
The Who: The Hall of the Mountain King
The Rolling Stones: Little Queenie (live 1969)
The Kinks:
Victoria (BBC)/Little Miss Queen of Darkness (mono)/King Kong (BBC)
Booker T & The MGs: Sun King
The Hollies: King Midas in Reverse
The Chentelles: Be My Queen
The Music Machine: King Mixer
Bob Dylan: Queen Jane Approximately (Take 6)
The Byrds: King Apathy III

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:

Bobby Fuller Four: King of the Beach
Destiny's Children: The Fall of the Queen
The Exotics: Queen of Shadows
The 13th Floor Elevators: Kingdom of Heaven
New York Dolls: Lone Star Queen

The Hollywood Stars: King of the Nighttime World
Utopia: Princess of the Universe
Muck & The Mires: King of the Beat
Green River: Queen Bitch
Sex Pistols: God Save the Queen
Guided By Voices: Weed King
The Band: King Harvest

Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Only/But

Revised, remastered, and expanded upgrade of a technically sub-par episode from April 2022. Dedicated to the memory of Sixto Rodriguez.

Nancy Sinatra: You Only Live Twice
Dave Clark Five: It'll Only Hurt for a Little While
The Beatles: It's Only Love
The MI5: Only Time Will Tell
The Troggs: I Can Only Give You Everything
The Sons of Fred: She Only Wants a Friend
The Hollies: It's Only Make Believe (mono)
Small Faces: I'm Only Dreaming
The Pretty Things: Not Only But Also (bed)
Episode Six: Only Lonely People
The Tuesday Club: Only Human
The Beach Boys: God Only Knows (Live '67)
The Satisfactions: Only Once
Zorba & The Greeks: One and Only Girl
Christopher & The Chaps: It's Alright, Ma, I'm Only Bleeding
The Ventures: Only the Young
The Gentle Touch: Visitors Parking Only
Rodriguez: Only Good for Conversation
The Bitter Ind: Hands Are Only to See
The Changin' Tymes: The Only Girl I Love
The Brood: Only Think of You
The Vipers: Tears (Only Dry)
International Noise Conspiracy: Only Lovers Left Alive

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The Exotics: Bill McKay Chevrolet spot
The Bobby Fuller Four: Only When I Dream
Roy Orbison: Only the Lonely (Live '65)
Waylon Jennings: The Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line (Live '74)
The Liberty Bell: Reality is the Only Answer
Sir Douglas Quintet: If She'd Only Come to Me
Shapes Have Fangs: Shapes Theme/Only Blood

The Boots: But You'll Never Do It Baby
Lyres: But If You're Happy
The Human Beinz: Nobody But Me
The Chosen Few: Nobody But Me
The Sounds Unlimited: Nobody But You
The Critters: No One But You
Modern Jazz Quartet: But Not for Me
John's Children: But She's Mine
The Spires of Oxford: But You're Gone
The Electric Prunes: Are You Loving Me More (But Enjoying It Less)
The Remains: But I Ain't Got You
Muck & the Mires: I May Be Wrong (But That Don't Matter)
David Johansen: Funky But Chic
The Scientists: You Only Live Twice

Bonus Tracks:
The Monkees: Love Is Only Sleeping (alt mix)
The Changing Tymes: The Only Girl I Love
Slade: It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft
The Gordian Knot: If Only I Could Fly
Lyres: The Only Thing
Me & The Other Guys: Everybody Knew But Me
The Embrooks: But I Didn't Know Him
The Cramps: I Ain't Nothin' But A Gorehound
The Scavengers: But If You're Happy

Thursday, August 10, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda

Them: Could You Would You/If You and I Could Be as Two (mono)
The Yardbirds: I Wish You Would (BBC)
The Kinks: You Shouldn't Be Sad (BBC)
The Rolling Stones: It Should Be You (demo)
The Bee Gees: You Wouldn't Know
The Hollies: Would You Believe
The Sharp Five: I Should Have Known Better (bed)
The Beach Boys: I Should Have Known Better
The Grass Roots: Things I Should Have Said
The Brigands: (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man
The Nightcrawlers: He Shouldn't Hurt You
Blues Image: Yesterday Could Be Today
Love: Maybe People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale
The Beach Boys: Wouldn't It Be Nice (bed)
The Mach V: If I Could
The Hard Times: You Couldn't Love Me
The Run A Rounds: I Couldn't Care Less
The Coachmen: Summer Should Bring Happiness

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The Laughing Kind: I Could Have Showed You the Way
The Electric Prism: I Would Have Liked You Anyway
The Graven Image: I Would But I Could
Sir Douglas Quintet: She Would If She Could, She Can't So She Won't
The Barracudas: (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again
The Mourning After: Do Ya Think Ya Should
The Reverberations: Why Should I Care
Groovy Uncle (feat. Suzi Chunk): I Really Wouldn't Know
Muck & The Mires: You Shouldn't Have Let Her Go
Shannon & The Clams: If You Could Know
Lyres: How Could Have I Done All These Things
Anthony Newley: Where Would You Be Without Me
Manfred Mann: Why Should We Not 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Sad/Mad/Glad

The (Australian) Playboys: Sad
The Easybeats: Sad and Lonely and Blue
The Rolling Stones: Sad Day
The Who: So Sad About Us (mono)
The Curiosity Shoppe: So Sad
The Sorrows: Don't Sing No Sad Song for Me
Lulu: Sad Memories
Manfred Mann: Still I'm Sad (bed)
The Yardbirds: Still I'm Sad (BBC)
Jethro Tull: To Be Sad Is a Mad Way to Be (live 1969)
The Dayaks: So Long Sad Sack
The Gants: Little Boy Sad
The Addrisi Brothers: Little Miss Sad
The Bush: Feeling Sad and Lonely
The Ohio Express: It's a Sad Day (It's a Sad Time)

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Little Richard Morton And His Musical Four: Sad, Sad Song
The Madison Revue: Sad and Blue
The Bobby Fuller Four: Another Sad and Lonely Night
The Chessmen: Sad
The Mullens: Sad Girl
Fever Tree
: Jokes Are for Sad People (bed)

The Smithereens: Beauty and Sadness
The Richmond Sluts: Sad City
The Muffs: Sad Tomorrow
Johnny Thunders
: Sad Vacation
Lyres: You Won't Be Sad Anymore
The Dwarves (The Suburban Nightmare): Mad (And Kind of Sad)
The Escapades: Mad Mad Mad
Painted Faces: I Think I'm Going Mad
The Craig: I Must Be Mad
The Animals: I'm Mad Again
Dantalion's Chariot: The Madman Running Through the Fields
The Rhythm Rockers: Madness (bed)
: I'm So Glad
The Beatles: Glad All Over
The Dave Clark Five: Glad All Over
The Jets: I Was So Glad
The Coolies: Glad I Met You
Guided By Voices
: Glad Girls
The Ramones: Glad to See You Go

Bonus Tracks:
The Hollies: Oriental Sadness
Black & The Blues: I'm Sad
The Diplomats
: I'm Sad
Herman's Hermits: Little Boy Sad
The Savages: Little Girl Sad
Kathy Clarke: Little Girl Called Sad
The Flowerz: My Sad Story
The Easybeats: I'm a Madman
The Nomads: Thoughts of a Madman
The Factory (feat. Lowell George): Candy Cane Madness
Thee Fourgiven: Ain't That Mad
The Satelliters: Blue Madness
Lee Dowell: Don't Make Me Mad
The In Crowd: Am I Glad to See You
Deep Purple: I'm So Glad (BBC)
The Lost Generation: I'd Gladly Pay
Sir Douglas Quintet: I'm Glad for Your Sake (and Sorry for Mine)

Thursday, July 27, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Who/How/Where

The Jury: Who Dat?
The Kinks: Who'll Be the Next in Line (mono)
The Truth: Who's Wrong
The Dave Clark Five: Who Does He Think He Is
The Rolling Stones: Who's Been Sleeping Here (mono)/Who's Driving Your Plane
The Motions: Who'll Save My Soul
Burt Bacharach: Anyone Who Had a Heart
The Lost: Who Do You Love
The Preachers: Who Do You Love
The Green Beans: Who Needs You
Shades Inc.: Who Loved Her
The Nightcrawlers: Who Knows
The Composers: With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends
The Lollipop Shoppe: Who'll Read the Will
The Ventures: Who'll Stop the Rain
Lyres: Someone Who'll Treat You Right Now
The Changin' Times: How Is the Air Up There?
The Rovin' Flames: How Many Times
Bobby Roberts & the Rave Ons: How Can I Make Her Mine
The Kreeg: How Can I
The Mothers of Invention: How Could I Be Such a Fool
Kim Fowley: See How the Other Half Loves
The Ventures: How Now Wild Cow
The Creation: How Does It Feel to Feel (UK version)
The Mockingbirds: How to Find a Lover

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:

The Liberty Bell: That's How It Will Be
Oedipus & the Mothers: (I Remember) How It Used to Be
The Jades (The Jade Green): How's He Gonna Find Me
Sir Douglas Quintet: You Don't Know How Young You Are
Willie Nelson: Funny How Time Slips Away

The Kinks: Where Have All the Good Times Gone
The Shades of Blue: Where Did All the Good Times Go
Eric Burdon & the Animals: That's Not Where It's At
The Four Rockets: The Place Where She Lives
The Unrelated Segments: Where You Gonna Go
Art Guy: Where You Gonna Go
The Standells: Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go
The Day Trippers: Where I Belong
The Fogcutters: That's Where I'll Be
The Shyres: Where Is Love
The Satelliters: Where Do We Go
The Ultimate Spinach: Where You're At

Bonus Tracks:
Buck Owens: Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass
Gotham City Crimefighters: Who Stole the Batmobile
Captain Beefheart: Who Do You Think You're Fooling
New York Dolls: Who Are the Mystery Girls
Ian Hunter: Who Do You Love (single version)
King Richard & The Knights: How About Now
The Bats: How Could You Have Known
Them: How Long Baby
The Animals: How You've Changed
The Primitives: How Do You Feel
The Beatles: How Do You Do It
Herman's Hermits: Where Were You When I Needed You
The Kinks: Where Are They Now

Thursday, July 20, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Dallas/Ft. Worth

With Guest DJ Melissa Kirkendall, director of Teen a Go Go: A Little Film About Rock and Roll History

Kenny & The Kasuals: Journey to Tyme
The Gentlemen: It's a Cry'n Shame
The Chessmen: I Need You There/Sad
Kenny & The Kasuals: See Saw Ride
The Five Americans: Don't Blame Me/I'm Feeling OK
The Warlocks: If You Really Want Me to Stay
The Nightcaps: Nightcap Rock/Wine Wine Wine
Floyd Dakil Four: Bad Boy/Stronger Than Dirt
The Five of a Kind: Never Again
The Exotics: Come with Me/Queen of Shadows
Jack Nitszche: The Magnificent Seven

Guest DJ Melissa Kirkendall:
The Elite: Two Potato
Bruce Channel: Hey Baby
Jim Jones & The Chaunteys: Baby (Better Get On Home)
Ray Sharp: Linda Lu
The Kandy Kanes: Hard to Tell
Larry & The Blue Notes: Night of the Sadist
The Barons: Without Her
The Elite: My Confusion
The 5-6-7-8s: One Potato

The Rising Sons: I'm Blue
The Loose Ends: He's a Nobody
The Briks: Foolish Baby
The Barons: Don't Burn It
The Gnats: The Girl
The Cynics: Stop/Mr. You're a Better Man Than I
The Chocolate Moose: Take a Ride/Half-Peeled Banana
Theze Few: Dynamite
Southwest F.O.B.: Smell of Incense
Kenny & The Kasuals: Revelations
The Word D: You're Gonna Make Me/I Saw You Walking
Scotty McKay: Train Kept a-Rollin'
Cast of Thousands: I Heard a Voice Last Night
Scotty McKay's Bolero Band: Black Cat Theme
Bloodrock: D.O.A.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Nocturnal Omissions 2

The Spencer Davis Group: High Time Baby/Gimme Some Lovin'
Cream: I'm So Glad
The Yardbirds: Shapes of Things
The Move: So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star
The Golden Cups: Season of the Witch
Donovan: Fat Angel
Led Zeppelin: We're Gonna Groove
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River
Big Star: September Gurls
Dead Boys: Little Girl
The Heartbreakers: London Boys
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Don't Bring Me Down
Booker T & The MGs: You Can't Sit Down
The Clovers: Your Cash Ain't Nothin' but Trash
The Stop Sign: Nothing Matters Now
Nothing But Trouble trailer
The Velvet Underground: Oh! Sweet Nuthin' (early version)
The Golden Earings: No Need to Worry
The Who: I Need You (mono)
The Jam: I Need You (For Someone)
The Embrooks: I Need You
The Bohemians: I Need You Baby
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels: I Need Lovin' You
Psycho: You Need Me
The Crawdaddys: You're Gonna Need My Love Someday
The Rockin' Vickers: I Don't Need Your Kind
The Rogues: I Don't Need You
The Vagrants: I Don't Need Your Lovin'
The Composers: With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends
The Real Kids: Who Needs You
The Ventures: All You Need Is Love
The Prophets: Yes I Know
The Attack: We Don't Know
The Untold Fables: Let Me Know
The Last: She Don't Know Why I'm Here (single version)
The Satelliters: Why Do They Know
The Sharp Turns: Everybody Knows But Me
Thor's Hammer: If You Knew
Jim Basnight: You Know I Know
The Kan Dells
: Cry Girl

Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Live n' Wild Pt. 2 - The '70s

Cheap Trick: Hello There
Alice Cooper: You Drive Me Nervous/Under My Wheels
Iggy & The Stooges: Search and Destroy
Flamin' Groovies: Louie Louie
The Doors: Who Do You Love
The Who: Substitute
Free: All Right Now
Faces: The Stealer
Humble Pie: I Don't Need No Doctor
Slade: Cum on Feel the Noize
MC5: Kick Out the Jams
T. Rex: Jeepster/Telegram Sam
David Bowie & The Spiders from Mars: Moonage Daydream/Rock n' Roll Suicide
Mott the Hoople: All the Young Dudes
Iggy Pop: Lust for Life
Lou Reed: Vicious
Blondie: Rip Her to Shreds
The Runaways: Cherry Bomb
The Ramones: Beat on the Brat
The Heartbreakers: Chinese Rocks
Patti Smith Group: Gloria In Excelsis Deo
Eddie and The Hot Rods: 96 Tears
Nick Lowe & Rockpile: Heart of the City
Elvis Costello & The Attractions: You Belong to Me
The Rolling Stones: Jumpin Jack Flash/Brown Sugar
The Doors: Soul Kitchen

Bonus Tracks:
The Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
Aerosmith: Toys in the Attic
Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band: At the Rat
The Real Kids: All Kindsa Girls
DMZ: Boy from Nowhere
Sex Pistols: Submission
The Clash: Clash City Rockers
The Buzzcocks: Orgasm Addict
The Jam: This Is the Modern World/Sounds from the Street
Chuck Berry: Reelin' and Rockin'

Thursday, June 29, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Live n' Wild Pt. 1 - The '60s

Revised and Expanded Edition

13th Floor Elevators: You're Gonna Miss Me
The Kinks: Til the End of the Day (mono)
The Who: Can't Explain
Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Hold Tight (BBC)
The Hollies: Reach Out, I'll Be There/Stop! Stop! Stop!
The Pretty Things: Don't Bring Me Down
The Animals: Let It Rock
The Ventures: House of the Rising Sun
The Yardbirds: Smokestack Lightning
The Searchers: Sweets for My Sweet
The Beatles: You Can't Do That
The Rolling Stones: The Last Time
The Small Faces: Whatcha Gonna Do About It
The Young Rascals: Lonely Too Long/Come on Up
Thee Midnighters: Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
The Shadows of Knight: Oh Yeah
The Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night
The Seeds: No Escape
The Greek Fountains: Howlin' for My Darlin'
The Standells: Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/Dirty Water
The Remains: Hang On Sloopy/All Day and All of the Night
The Roemans: Misirlou
Little Phil & The Night Shadows: 60 Second Swinger
The Savages: The World Ain't Round, It's Square
Raik's Progress: I'm Gonna Change the World
The Snails: Snails Love Theme
The Outsiders: Summertime Blues

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Kenny & The Kasuals: I'm Not Talkin'
The Wig: Drive It Home
The Bobby Fuller Four: The 2000 Pound Bee
13th Floor Elevators: The Word/You Really Got Me

Bob Dylan & The Hawks: Like a Rolling Stone
Jefferson Airplane: The Other Side of This Life
Moby Grape: Fall on You/Omaha
The Byrds: Have You Seen Her Face
The Blues Project: Wake Me, Shake Me
The Grateful Dead: Morning Dew
The Spirits: Almost There

Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Cry

The Malibu's: Cry
The Beatles: Crying, Waiting, Hoping
The Hollies: Baby Don't Cry
The Animals: I'm Crying
The Rolling Stones: Cry to Me
The Little Darlings: Easy to Cry
The Fairytale: Listen to Mary Cry
The Zombies: Don't Cry for Me
Dave Berry: The Crying Game
Billy Preston: Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying

Date with the Dutch:
Q65: Cry in the Night
The Kwyet: No Time for Tears

The Buckinghams: Don't Want to Cry
The Music Machine: 96 Tears/No Girl Gonna Cry
The Magicians: An Invitation to Cry
The Rationals: Little Girls Cry
Hour Glass: Nothing But Tears
The Ventures: Cry Like a Baby
The Guilloteens: Crying All Over My Time
The Byrds: You Won't Have to Cry
The Squires V: Bucket of Tears
Barry & The Remains: Why Do I Cry
The Kaisers: Cry for a Shadow
The Unrelated Segments: Cry, Cry, Cry
Jerry & The Others: Don't Cry to Me
Apollo's Apaches: Cry Me a Lie

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Doug Sahm: Cry
Buddy Holly: Valley of Tears
Robb London & The Rogues: Bitter Tears
The Gentlemen: It's A Cry'n Shame
The Five Americans: It's a Crying Shame
The Brimstones:
It's All Over Now But the Crying
Kenny & The Kasuals: Can't Keep from Crying
Fever Tree: Now Sounds Groove-In spot/Don't Come Crying to Me
The Lemon Fog: Yes I Cry
The Sherwoods: I Know You Cried
The Ugly Beats: Your Turn to Cry
Willie Nelson: Opportunity to Cry

The Miracle Workers: Tears
The Vipers: Tears (Only Dry)
The Chesterfield Kings: Cry Your Eyes Out
The Hall Monitors: I Been Cryin'
The Brood: Too Late for Tears
The GTVs:
Cry If You Want to
The Missing Links: I Cried Goodbye

Thursday, June 15, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Chuck's Berries

The Ventures: Johnny B. Goode
Chuck Berry: Sweet Little Sixteen
The Beatles: Rock and Roll Music
The Yardbirds: Too Much Monkey Business
The Animals: Got to Find My Baby
The Pretty Things: Oh Baby Doll
The Troggs: Jaguar and Thunderbird
The Walking Flour: I Want to Be Your Driver
Chuck Berry: Rockin'
The Rolling Stones: Come on/Carol/Talkin' 'Bout You
Chuck Berry& Bo Diddley: Chuck's Beat
Chuck Berry: Dr. Pepper Commercial

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Buddy Holly & The Crickets: Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
The 13th Floor Elevators: Roll Over, Beethoven
Johnny Winter And: Johnny B. Goode
Joe "King" Carrasco & The Crowns: Sweet Little Rock n' Roller

The Kinks: Beautiful Delilah
The Dave Clark Five: Reelin' and Rockin'
The Blues Project: You Can't Catch Me
The Syndicats: Maybellene
Manfred Mann: Down the Road Apiece
Jerry Lee Lewis: Little Queenie
Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels: No Particular Place to Go
The Ventures: The Chuck
The Byrds: Roll Over, Beethoven (live in Stockholm 1967)
Dave Edmunds: The Promised Land
MC5: Back in the USA
Duane Allman: No Money Down
The Faces: Memphis, Tennessee
David Bowie: Almost Grown (BBC)/Around and Around
AC/DC: School Days
John Lennon: You Can't Catch Me
Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Blues
Emmylou Harris: You Never Can Tell
Linda Ronstadt: Back in the USA (live)
Nina Simone: Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
The Gore Gore Girls: The Man and the Donkey
The Maggots: Club Nitty Gritty
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Bye Bye Johnny

Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: The Hunt Sales Story

The Hunt Sales Memorial: Here I Go Again
Iggy Pop: Lust for Life
Tony & The Tigers: Summertime Is the Best Time (For Making Love)/Day Tripper (live on Hullabaloo)
Todd Rundgren: We Gotta Get You a Woman/Who's That Man
Paris: Blue Robin
Iggy Pop & James Williamson: Lucky Monkeys
Iggy Pop: The Passenger
The Sales Brothers: Someone's Gonna Lose
Tin Machine: If There Is Something (live)
The Hunt Sales Memorial: Way on My Own
The Mal Thursday Quintet: Hey Caffeina

Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: This and That

The Kinks: This Is Where I Belong (mono)/I've Got That Feeling (BBC)
The Mickey Finn: This Sporting Life
The Poets: That's the Way It's Gotta Be
The Herd: This Boy's Always Been True
The Montanas: That's When Happiness Began
The Animals: We Gotta Get Outta This Place (UK single version)
George Martin Orchestra: This Boy (Ringo's Theme)
The Beatles: You Can't Do That (mono)
The Zombies: Is This the Dream (EP mix)
The Great Scots: That's My Girl (Rotten to the Core)
The Tallifer Group: This Happiness Feeling
The Lost Souls: This Life of Mine
Them: I Like It Like That
The Motions: Everything That's Mine
The Coopers: Leave This Man Alone
The Fabs: That's the Bag I'm
The Youngbloods: The Other Side of This Life
Booker T & The MGs: You Can't Do That
The Tasmanians: I Can't Explain This Feeling
The Human Beings: Ain't That Loving You Baby
The Tropics: This Must Be the Place
The Mustangs: That's for Sure
The Grains of Sand: That's When Happiness Began
The Childryn: This Sporting Life
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: If You Want This Love
The Monocles: Psychedelic (That's Where It's At)
The Premiers: Get on This Plane
Love: The Good Humor Man He See Everything Like This (mono)

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:

The Blind Owls: Something About That Girl
The Cicadelics: We're Gonna Love This Way
The Reasons Why: Don't Be That Way
Electric Love: This Seat is Saved
Willie Nelson: I Feel That Old Feeling
Sir Douglas Quintet: I'm Not That Kat Anymore
The Mullens: This and That

Mal Thursday & The Cheetahs
: That's Your Problem
The Godfathers: This Damn Nation
David Bowie & The Spiders from Mars: Watch That Man (live 1973)
The Miracle Workers: That Ain't Me
Plan 9: I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye
Bobby Darin: That's All

Bonus Tracks:
Fred Neil: The Other Side of This Life
The Small Faces: Come Back and Take This Hurt Off Me
The Favourite Sons: That Driving Beat
Boo Boo and Bunky: This Old Town
Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas: Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
Sammy Ambrose: This Diamond Ring
The Trodden Path: In This World I Need Love
Him and the Others: She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies
The Workers: That is All
The Monkees: Long Title Do I Have to Do This All Over Again

Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Before/After

The Remains: Once Before
The Beatles: The Night Before (mono)
The Hollies: Like Every Time Before
The Kinks: Never Met a Girl Like You Before (mono)
The Zombies: How we Were Before (mono)
Unit Four Plus Two: You've Never Been in Love Like This Before
The Treez: You Lied to Me Before
The Everly Brothers: I Was Wrong Before
The Byrds: The Day Walk (Never Before)
Joe South: Before It's Too Late (bed)
Alice Cooper: 10 Minutes Before the Worm
The Wheel of Fortune: Before You Leave
The E-Types: Long Before
The Plagues: I've Been Through It Before
The Obvious: Here I Stood Before You
The Golliwogs: Better Get It Before It Gets You
The Odds & Ends: (Hey Little Girl) Before You Go
Floyd Cramer: To All the Girls I've Loved Before (bed)

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The 13th Floor Elevators: Before You Accuse Me
Roky Erickson: I Have Always Been Here Before/Before in the Beginning
Willie Nelson: Willie's After Hours (bed)

Don & The Goodtimes: You Did It Before
The Beatles: One After 909
The Hollies with Peter Sellers: After the Fox
The Zombies: Maybe After He's Gone
The Mindbenders: The Morning After
Manfred Mann: Morning After the Party
Count Five: The Morning After
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy: Time is After You
The Ho Dads: After Dark (bed)
The Early Americans: Night After Night
The Lords: Day After Day
The Standells: Sunny Afternoon
The Small Faces: Afterglow (Of Your Love) (mono)
The Establishment: After the Lights Go Out
Flamin' Groovies: Comin' After Me (Matrix rehearsal)
The Velvet Underground: After Hours (live 1970)
The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Shine on (There's Another Day After Tomorrow)
The Smithereens: Blues Before & After
The Window Frame: Before and After

Thursday, May 18, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Take/Leave

The Rolling Stones: Take It or Leave It (mono)
The Manish Boys (feat. David Jones): Take My Tip
The Beatles: Leave My Kitten Alone
The Sorrows: Take a Heart
The Hollies: Leave Me (mono)
The Pickwicks: I Took My Baby Home
The Plebs: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
The Blue Stars: I Can Take It
The Who: Leaving Here (alt take)
Paul Desmond: Take Ten
Lulu: Take Me in Your Arms/Leave a Little Love
The Searchers: Take Me for What I'm Worth
The Moody Blues: Leave This Man Alone (BBC)
The Gentlemen Wild: You Gotta Leave
The Seventh Cinders: You Take Me for Rides
The English Muffins: Leave or Stay
The Zombies: Leave Me Be (backing track)
The New Generation: Leave Me Alone
The Knaves: Leave Me Alone
The Malibu's: Leave Me Alone
The Trojans: Leave Me Be
The Knaves: Leave Me Alone (backing track)
The Left Banke: Coca-Cola spot
The Wylde Heard: Take It on Home
The Royal Guardsmen: Leaving Me (mono)
Tony & Terri: Take Me with You
The Black Watch: Left Behind
Red Beard & The Pirates: Go on Leave

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Buddy Holly: Take Your Time
Jimmy C & The Chelsea Five: Leave Me Alone
The 13th Floor Elevators: Take That Girl/Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)
The Ugly Beats: Take a Stand
The Mullens: Thought You Left
The Mal Thursday Quintet: Takin' Over

Johnny Thunders: Leave Me Alone
The Moberlys: Wherever You Take Me
The Vertebrats: Left in the Dark
The Vipers: You Left Your Hold on Me
The Crawdaddys: I'm Gonna Leave You
The Woggles: Please Leave My Mind
Persian Claws: You're Gonna Leave
Muck & The Mires: It Takes Time
The Brood: Leave Me Alone
The Nox Boys: Take My Heart and Break It
Brass Buttons: Hell Will Take Care of Her

Bonus Tracks:
The Cinnamon Quill: Take It or Leave It
Spencer Davis Group: Taking Out Time
The Zombies: Leave Me Be (mono)
The Hollies: Take Your Time (mono)
David Clayton-Thomas & The Shays: Take Me Back
London & The Bridges: Leave Her Alone
The Sons of Adam: Take My Hand
Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Time to Take Off
The Kinks: People Take Pictures of Each Other (alt mix)
The Turtles: She Always Leaves Me Laughing
The Mothers of Invention: Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Flowers, Fruits & Pretty Things: Take Me Away
The Unforgettable Amnesiacs: Leave Me Alone
The Jam: Takin' My Love
The Youth: You're Leaving
The (International) Noise Conspiracy: The Only Lovers Left Alive
De Maskers: You're Taking Hold of Me
The Motions: Every Step I Take
The Riot Squad: I Take It We're Through

Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Listen Hear!

The Merry-Go-Round: Listen, Listen!
The Hollies: Listen Here to Me/Listen to Me
The Gremlins: Listen to Me
The Smithereens: Listen to Me Girl
The Blues Magoos: I Can Hear the Grass Grow
Eddie Harris: Listen Here

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Buddy Holly & The Crickets: Listen to Me
The Crickets: Now Hear This
The Zakary Thaks: Can You Hear Daddy's Footsteps
Joe Tex: Stop, Look, and Listen

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Listen to Her Heart
The Ramones: Listen to My Heart
Dee Rangers: Listen to Me
The Outsiders: Won't You Listen
The Artwoods: Can You Hear Me
The Levis: Hear What I Say
The Clique: Stop, Look, and Listen
Sly & The Family Stone: Let Me Hear It From You
Goldie & The Gingerbreads: Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
Hu & The Hilltops: Can You Hear Me
The Rolling Stones: Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Dave Edmunds: I Hear You Knocking
The Mystreated: Listen
Oasis: Listen Up
Creedence Clearwater Revival: I Heard It Through the Grapevine
The Velvet Underground: I Heard Her Call My Name
The Coolies: Yeah I Don't Know
The Ugly Beats: All In/Boy You're in Love
Mal Thursday with Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Every Night a New Surprise
The Reverberations: Footsteps
The Accelerators: Out of Control

Thursday, May 4, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Punk Rock Nostalgia

The Sex Pistols: I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
The Clash: 1977
The Damned: Neat Neat Neat
Generation X: Your Generation
The Jam: In the City
Stiff Little Fingers: Alternative Ulster
The Undertones: Teenage Kicks
Eddie & The Hot Rods: Teenage Depression
The Stranglers: Something Better Change
The Sex Pistols: No Feelings (backing track)
The Velvet Underground: Real Good Time Together
The Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop/Glad to See You Go (live '77)
Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Blank Generation
The Dead Boys: Sonic Reducer
Blondie: Rip Her to Shreds
Patti Smith Group: Gloria (In Excelsius Deo)
Johnny Thunders: You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
The Saints: I'm Stranded
Radio Birdman: Murder City Nights

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The Big Boys: Fun Fun Fun
The Skunks: Earthquake Shake
Sons of Hercules: Gimme Some
The Nervebreakers: My Girlfriend is a Rock

Dead Kennedys: Viva Las Vegas (live)
X: Johnny Hit and Run Pauline
Circle Jerks: Wild in the Streets
Fear: More Beer/Drink Some Beer/Have a Beer with Fear
The Trashtones: She Lied
Stupidity: Get Up
Tag Sale: Suit of Grass
The Two Tens: Scene
The Jackets: You Better
The Nox Boys: Take My Heart and Break It
Beach Day: All of My Friends Were Punks
The Sex Pistols: Pretty Vacant