Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: Hey! Yeah!

The Apolloes: Hey
Thursday's Child: Hey, Hey
The Hollies: Hey What's Wrong with Me
The Universals: Hey You
The Rolling Stones: Hey Crawdaddy (live '65)
Small Faces: Hey Girl
Eric Burdon & The Animals: Hey Gyp
The Beatles: Hey Bullldog
The Standells: Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go
The Guilloteens: Hey You
Sonny Flaherty & The Mark V: Hey Conductor
The Barbarians: Hey Little Bird
The Topsy Turbys: Hey Tiger
The Hush Puppies: Hey, Stop Messing Around
The Sound Barrier: Hey Hey
Grant Green: Hey There

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
Just Us: Hey Everybody
The Young Society: Hey, Do You Want My Love
Fever Tree: Hey Mister
Bruce Channel: Hey Baby
The Texas Tornados: Hey Baby Que Paso

The Alarm Clocks: Yeah
The Rolling Stones: She Said Yeah (mono)
The Shadows of Knight: Oh Yeah
The Librettos: I'm Gonna Say Yeah
Terry Woodford: Gonna Make You Say Yeah
The Luv'd Ones: Yeah I'm Feeling Fine
The Higher State: Yeah for Sure
The Kaisers:
Uh Huh Oh Yeah
The Coolies: Yeah I Don't Know
Alice Cooper: Yeah Yeah Yeah
Flamin' Groovies: Yeah My Baby/Yes I Am/Yes It's True
The Painted Ship: And She Said Yes
The Hatfields: Yes I Do
Chuck Conlon: Won't You Say Yes to Me, Girl
Grapefruit: Yes
The Hollies: Yes I Will (I'll Be True to You)
Eire Apparent: Yes I Do Need Someone
The Fable: She Said Yes
The Beatles: Yes It Is (mono)

This week's Classic Reruns: Home, Girl, Boy, Alright!