Monday, June 3, 2024

The Vampires of Dr. Dracula


With The Spookshow Serenade

Devil’s Love - Hugh Barrett

The Hex - The Moroccos

Cossak Walk - Al Duncan

Go Devil Go - Al Corsal and Chorus; Music by the Regal-Aires

Devil’s Den - Duane Turley with the Tads

The Phantoma - Ken Levy and the Phantoms

Night Creature - The Gigolos

The Creep - Billy Mure

Black Widow - The Nobles

Evil Eye - Lucy Campo

Midnite Creep - Al Bruno

J’ai Pas Eu Peur (I Wasn’t Afraid) - Pierre Doris

’Til the Following Night - Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages

Horror Pictures - The Calvanes

Big Fat Spider - Heinz and the Wild Boys

Moda - Gökçen Kaynatan

Madness - The Rhythm Rockers

Wolfman - Laurie Allen

Werewolf - The Flyers

Snake Hips - The Johnny Lewis Trio and Millie

Stalkin’ - Duane Eddy 

Banshee - The Jerry Lee Trio

Aaahhh! - Jimmy Witter and His Shadows

The Sea Witch - Quinn Miller

The Devil’s Hand - Mike Jarrett and Gene Herd

Gravedigger’s Rock - Clyde Scott with the Zanypolis

Witchcraft - Dick Dewayne Combo

Nightmare - Johnny Worth

Ghost Train - Bert Weedon

Cat Man - Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps

Black Widow - Link Wray and His Ray Men

Dracula - The Cre-Shells

Cat’s Eyes - The Ted Taylor Four