Friday, June 28, 2024

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #69


Intro Syd Dale – The Hellraisers DECCA

 01 Arondies - 69 SHERRY

02 Calvin Cool El Tecolote CRC CHARTER

03 Pat and the Californians Bad DOWNEY

04 jimmie heap gismo DART

05 King Rock and the Knights Send-Di Boss Part 2 ZOOM

06 The Premieres Firewater NU PHI

07 Jimmy O’Neill with Kipper and and the Exciters - Twistin Train TORCHLITE


01 Billy Ward and his Dominoes Little Black Train FEDERAL

02 The Romeos Fine Fine Baby ATCO

03 The Topps Won't You Come Home Baby RED ROBIN

04 The Saucers - Cha Wailey Routa FELCO

05 shades of rhythm – gumbo    CADDY

06 Jimmie Taylor I Asked ZARACKS RECORDS


01 King George Woke Up this Morning END

02 The Knight Kaps Mama Loochie RICKY

03 Bobby Wilding Slide Part 1 MAY

04 Roscoe Gordon and his Orch Maria RPM

05 Jay Nelson – Wild Love EXCELLO

06 Little Richard Ript it Up SPECIALTY


01 Chuck Rio and the Individuals  Cell Block #9 TEQUILA RECORDS

02 Don Head Goin Strong DUB

03 Johnny and the Jays baby do FAIRBANKS RECORDS

04 J and the Sabers music by the gents Twist Mary Sue Van Ray

05 Dale Hawkins See You Soon Baboon CHECKER

06 Kip Tyler and the Flips Let's Monkey Around STARLA

07 Mickey Hawks with Moon Mullins and his Night Raiders Rock and Roll Rhythm PROFILE

08 Roy Hall Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On DECCA


01 Dr T. and the Undertakers - Undertakers Theme TARGET RECORDS

02 Jerry Raye Mr Kicks DEVILLE RECORDS

03 the heart attacks babba diddy baby REAMUS RECORDS

04 Bobby Lee Trammell – Mayonnaise HOT RECORDS

05 The Royal Coachmen bama lama COACHMEN

06 The Fantastic Emanons - Duh HUNCH

07 the squares - the out crowd ROULETTE

08 Allan Sherman rat fink rag mopp WARNER BROTHERS

09 The Satellite Band - Party at Verns DELCRO

10 Surfer's Widget DRA RECORDS

12 Lonnie Lord Rat Fink BLUE CAP

13 alfred e. neuman and the furshlugginer five -  potrzebie ABC PARAMOUNT

 Alf Newman It's a Gas GOLDEN 12


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