Friday, June 7, 2024

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #67


01 the Rhythm Rockers Hurricane  NORTON

02 The Phantom Five Graveyard SKULL

03 The Plaids – Creepin STENTOR

04 The Ramblin Rebels – Impact DESS

05 The Highlights Studio Blues PLAY

06 Link Wray Commanche (alternate) EPIC


01 The Antennas Fuji-Yama Mama CLAY

02 The Cellos Rang Tang Ding Dong (I am the japanese sand man) APOLLO

03 The Flamingos Get with It CHECKER

04 The Uptowns - Asiatic Flu LAURIE

05 The Jewels My Baby IMPERIAL

06 The Fabulous Gardenias - Whats the Matter With Me LIZ


01 Dave C. and the Sharptones – Diane WHIRL

02 Dave Cox and the Sharptones Skateland Bounce GOLDEN LEAF

03 Dave C. and His Sharptones - Black Pepper DOLLEE

04 Dave Cox and the Sharptones Silly Tillie GOLDEN LEAF

05 Bo Diddley Gun Slinger CHECKER

06 Rolling Crew Cryin Emma ALADDIN

07 Eddy Ware Lima Beans CHESS


01 Ray Harris Come on Little Mama -alternate- NORTON-SUN

02 Four Teens Go Little Go Cat CHALLENGE

03 Mac Curtis Don't You Love Me KING

04 Paul Kepler with the Cool notes Betty Lou DRUM RECORD COMPANY conn.

05 Johnny Burnette and the Rock and Roll Trio You're Undecided CORAL

06 Little Mojo  acc by the Jesters Mojo Rockin' MOJO

07 Vince Everett Baby Let's Play House ABC PARAMOUNT

08 Sanford Clark The Fool MCI


01 Otis Rush Love that Woman COBRA

02 Muddy Waters and his guitar I'm a Natural Born Lover CHESS

03 Harmonica Slim My Girl Won't Quit me VITA

04 Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm Down & Out ARTISTIC

05 Arthur Gunter No Naggin No Draggin EXCELLO


01 The Continental Cousins The Robot PALETTE

02 bobby christian - enough man SALEM the band with a sound

03 The Rock a bouts - she’s a fat girl CHANCELLOR PROMO

04 Pat the Cat and his Kittens Jesse James BULLSEYE RECORDS

05 janet and jay – compatitude LEADER

06 Royal Teens Leotards MIGHTY RECORDS

07 The Surfettes Sammy the Sidewalk Surfer MUSTANG

08 Robin & Crystal Bernard - The Monkey Song THOMAS ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH – Feudin' Fussin' And Frettin' LP

 Outro Laverne Baker Romance in the Dark