Friday, April 12, 2024

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #59


01 The Invaders The Id MOHAWK

02 Conny and the Bellhops Shot Rod R

03 the ebbtones - ram induction PORT

04 The Wailers Tough Bounce GOLDEN CREST

05 Richie and the Saxons Easy Now TIP RECORDS

06 elliot shavers - rock my soul ZAN-DAN

07 Contrails Mummy Walk ( walking death) REUBEN


01 Arthur Lee Maye - Oh Rooba Lee SPECIALTY

02 The Dappers Chicken Twist FOXIE

03 The Flamingos Hey Now DECCA promo

04 The Enchanters - There Goes a Pretty Girl CORAL

05 The Charms LingTing Tong DELUXE

06 The Ivy Tones - Oo Wee Baby RED TOP

07 The Fabulous Five - Janie Made a Monster KING


01 Frankie Lee Sims Hey Little Girl ACE RECORDS

02 Roy MR Guitar Gaines Right Now Baby GROOVE

03 Tal Miller Scorched by the torch of Love HOLLYWOOD RECORDS

04 Ruth Brown Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean ATLANTIC

05 Mel Williams with the Johnny Otis Orch I got Eyes DIG RECORDS

06 Rosco Gordon and his Orchestra You Figure It Out DUKE

07 Otis Redding - Shout Bananalama POLYDOR SPAIN


01 Hasil Adkins The Hunch A.R.C. RECORDS

02 Bob Ackoff Come Dance with Me ROULETTE

03 James Arp and The Tempest Let it Rock VELLEZ RECORDS

04 Dan Beard with the Crew Cats Rakin and Scrapin ATLANTIC promo

05 Mac Curtis You Aint Treatin Me Right KING

06 Jackie Lee Cochran with Jimmy Pruett at the Piano Ruby Pearl DECCA

07 Dave Diddle Day – Blue Moon Baby MERCURY

08  hasil adkins - dottie dottie NORTON


01 The Troggs Gonna Make You FONTANA

02 Bram Rigg Set Take the Time to Be Yourself KAYDEN

03 Johnny and the Nite Ryders She's Gone PERFECTION ROCK STUDIOS

04 the turtles - buzz saw WHITE WHALE

05 The Nite-Caps See The Monkey Ride the Mule WAYOUT RECORDS

06 The Shieks Baghdad Rock part 1 TRINE

07 The Social Outcasts Mad SULTAN

08 The Turtles – Pungfoo TORTOISE RECORDS


Outro Lavern Baker Romance in the Dark