Sunday, March 17, 2024

The Eerie Midnight Horror Show


With The Spookshow Serenade

"You may not walk away from this one." - VO (from the "Twitch of the Death Nerve" radio spot)

Pinebox Derby - Beat Happening

Haunted House - The Otherside

Hank Watson Stalks the Earth - Deadbolt

The Mummy - The Marshmallow Overcoat

The Black Hand - The Mortals

The Creeps - The Unclaimed

Night of the Jackal - Charlie Harper

Grave Dance - Beware of Blast

Haunt - Roky Erickson

Thoughts of a Hangman - Thee Headcoats

Graveyard Woman - The Woggles

"It’s the house of your dreams - if your dreams are nightmares!" - VO (from the "New House on

the Left" radio spot)

Love Witch #1 (Lo-Fi Edition) - Black Widows

El Vampiro - Los Calambres

Rotting - The Mal Thursday Quintet

Phantom On My Mind - The X-Ray Harpoons

La Maldición de Mr. Blasfemo - Los Justicieros

Monster Dance - Thee Tumbitas

Graveyard Stomp - The Meteors

The Creeper - The Vice Barons

"When the flies start to crawl… so will your flesh!" - VO (from the "Four Flies on Grey Velvet"

radio spot)

Creature Feature - Satan’s Pilgrims

Slaughterhouse ’69 - Genki Genki Panic

Mummy Walk - Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited

Lurch - Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds

Mostrissimo - Lost Acapulco

Psycho - Imelda May

La Vampira (Que Me Mordio un Güevo) - Los Sicoticos

Mystery Plane - The Cramps

"It’s exactly what you think it is!" - VO (from the "Pieces" radio spot)