Friday, March 8, 2024

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #56


01 Jimmy ONeill with Kipper and and the Exciters - Twistin Train TORCHLITE    

02 big sam savage - ooh - gosh! DATE

03 Jimmy Maddin and the Party Makers Mashin Grapes FABOR

04 Joe Dodo and the Groovers Groovy RCA VICTOR

05 the gimicks - naughty rooster ENSIGN

06 the jaguars - drive in EPIC

07 The Arkades The P.A.L. JULIA RECORDS

08 Pretty Lord Sundance Lord Sundance Part One TRIODE


01 The Edsels - Lets Go EMBER

02 Hollywood Saxons L.A. Lover ELF RECORDS

03 The Four Dates I'm Happy CHANCELLOR

04 The Harptones Mambo Boogie RAVEN

05 The L'Captans Home Work SAVOY

06 The Cadets Annie Met Henry MODERN RECORDS


01 Varetta Dillard with TJ Fowlers Orch. Getting Ready for my Daddy

02 Harold Burrage Betty Jean COBRA

03 Eddie Burns Don't be Messing with My Bread HARVEY

04 Annisteen Allen I've Got Troubles CAPITOL

05 Roy Brown and his Mighty Mighty Men Money Can't Buy Love KING

06 Charlie White -formally with the clovers- Sweetie Baby WINLEY RECORDS


01 Kenny Brown and Marilyn Kaye and the Arkansas Ramblers Throw a Little Wood on the Fire PEP

02 Lee Bonds with Band Wild Cattin Woman TENNESSEE

03 Bee Arnold and the Tune Toppers Little Girl of Mine GOLDBAND

04 Al Burnette and his Southern Swingers Humpty Dumpty FORTUNE

05 The Whirlwind Evangelists From Crooked Street to Glory Avenue FORTUNE

06 Curly Dan and Wilma Ann and the Danville Mt. Boys North on 23 FORTUNE

07 Lucky Joe Almond and his Hillbilly Rockers Hickory Nut Boogie TRUMPET

08 Bill Blevins An Hour Late and a Dollar Short TRUMPET


01 papa lightfoot - mean ol train IMPERIAL Rural Blues Vol 3: Down Home Stomp LP

02 Howlin Wolf Smoke Stack Lightning CHESS

03 H-Bomb Ferguson I Love my Baby ATLAS

04 Otis Blackwell You Move me Baby JAY-DEE

05 Junior Wells The Things I'd Do for You CHIEF


01 The Ideals The Gorilla CORTLAND

02 Al Elias King Kong PAYSON

03 Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters Monkey Man SATELLITE RECORDS

04 Gene and Ray Monkey Yeah CLASS

05 The Flares Monkey Walk PRESS RECORDS

06 Wayne Cochran - Monkey monkey DECK


Outro Laverne Baker Romance in the Dark