Friday, February 2, 2024

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #51


01 The Shan-Tones  Sheba ANGELA

02 Royal Rockers Jet 2 BEE RECORDS

03 The Dynamic Dial Tones Boss HORIZON RECORDS

04 Surfer's Widget DRA RECORDS

05 The Sabres Bounty Hunter DIAL

06 The Roemans Miserlou  ABC PARAMOUNT


01 The Emersons – Hungry NEWPORT

02 Marathons Peanut Butter ARGO

03 The Cellos The Juicy Crocodile APOLLO

04 Little Joe and the Morrocos Bubble Gum BUMBLE BEE RECORD INC.

05 The Olympics Mash Them Taters ARVEE

06 shades of rhythm – gumbo CADDY


01 Sugar Boy -Crawford- She's Gotta Wobble -When she Walks- IMPERIAL

02 Eddie Clearwater Twist Like This FEDERAL 

03 Roy Gaines Loud Mouth Lucy CHART

04 Lloyd Price and his Band Baby Please Come Home SPECIALTY

05 The Thrillers - The Drunkard BIG TOWN

06 Wynonie Harris Bloodshot Eyes KING


01 Warren Smith Ubangi Stomp SUN 250

02 Ronnie Self – Bop-A-Lena COLUMBIA

03 Joe Norris Rock out of this World SOM RECORD

04 Jack Cochran Hip Shakin Mama SIMS

05 Misty Bonner – I Can't Sit Still ATLANTA

06 Eddy Dugosh and the ah ha playboys Strange Kinda Feeling SARG

07 Ruckus Tyler Rock Town Rock FABOR

08 Tommy Blake F Olding Money RECCO


01 Doctor Ross industrial boogie DIR

02 JB Lenore Mamma Talk To Your Daughter PARROT

03 Lillian Offitt Shine On CHIEF

04 Jimmy Coe and his Gay Cats of Rhythm After Hours Joint STATES

05 Jimmy Liggins I aint Drunk ALLADIN


01 Tiny Kennedy fireball jungle theme song AMERICANA PRODUCTIONS

02 abie -available- baker - the web LAUREL the brain that wouldn’t die

03 Baker Knight Theme From the Devil's Hand CHESS

04 Ronnie and the Del-Aires DRAG from the horrors of party beach CORAL

05 Carol Kay and the stone tones Shook out of Shape REL The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies

06 The Green Slime The Green Slime MGM

07 The Penny Arcade The Wild Scene HME RECORDS

08 The Bit a Sweet Is It On - Is it Off MGM blond on a bum trip

09. The jaybirds - the right kind MODERN HARMONIC the ultimate degenerate

 Outro Laverne Baker Romance in the Dark