Friday, January 26, 2024

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #50


01 The Crescendos The Hawk-Walk NUSOUND

02 The Quarter Notes Oriental Rock GLENN

03 The Imps Uh Oh DO-RA-ME RECORDS

04 the big two - puppet bop WREN

05 The Firebirds Termite DMD RECORDING COMPANY

06 The Sundowners Rumble WINK


01 The Knockouts - You Can Take My Girl MGM

02 The Mystics Mash Potatoes with Me KING

03 The Sputniks Hey Maryann CLASS

04 The Genies No More Knockin HOLLYWOOD

05 The Carols – Keko LAMP

06 Del Vikings - Hey Senorita LUNIVERSE RECORDS


01 Elton Anderson I Love You TREY 

02 Don and Dewey Justine SPECIALTY

03 Ricky Allen Cut you a-Loose AGE

04 Rosco Gordon Sally Jo SUN 306

05 Mr Bear and his Bearcats Peak a Boo GROOVE

06 Roy Brown and his Mighty Mighty Men Grandpa Stole My Baby KING


01 Lorrie and Larry Collins Whistle Bait COLUMBIA

02 Jackie Lee Cochran with Jimmy Pruett at the Piano Mama Don't you Think I Know DECCA

03 Bill Sherrell Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O TYME

04 Rudy Tutti Grayzell You're Gone STARDAY

05 Buddy Starr And the Starliners Blues Around My Head KANGAROO RECORDS

06 Ric Cartey My Babe RCA VICTOR

07 Terry Noland Hypnotized BRUNSWICK

08 Mel Smith & The Night Riders – Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox) SUE


01 Crawford Brothers It Feels Good ALADDIN

02 Arthur Gunter Baby Let's Play House EXCELLO

03 Stomp Gordon Hide The Bottle DECCA

04 Elmore James and the Broom Dusters Early in the Morning MODERN

05 Floyd Dixon - The Late Freight Twist Part 2

06 Joe and Ursula with Joe Morris and his Orchestra The Good Book IMPERIAL


01 Steve and the Holidays German Measles DANDY

02 the executioners - dead end ACTION

03 Van Trevor and the Saturday Knights - Louisiana Hot Sauce CORSICAN

04 Kitty & Sheeny Lanier with the Sharps and Flats - The Jerk SATOLITE

05 Jules Blattner - 500 Pound Canary NORMAN

06 twistin kings - congo part one MOTOWN

07 The Ramblin Rebels The Lost Safari DESS

08  mickey baker – baia ATLANTIC


Outro The Diablos featuring nolan strong the wind FORTUNE