Sunday, January 7, 2024

Curse Of The Voodoo


With Spookshow Serenade

YOU WILL HEAR: R&B, instro rock, snotty garage punk, and weird-o exotica, all offering up musical sacrifice to black magic, jungle horror, and the walking dead! Born of jungle witchcraft - created from a curse! Thrill to the demon-rites of the witch goddess! 

THEY MUST EAT YOU TO LIVE!"This is the drum that brings the good spirit to possess you." - Excerpt from "Voodoo Drums" by Tiroro

Voodoo Doll - The Interiors

Voodoo Woman - The Shades

Voodoo Drums - Akim and the Hank Levine Orchestra

Zombie - Johnny Fever

The Voodoo Man - The Kingsfive

Voodoo Woman - Laurel Aitken

It’s More Like Voodoo - The Bad Boys

Voodoo Doll - Albert Van Dam and His Orchestra

Macumba (Voodoo Love Potion) -Django De Mello

"You are what they eat!" - VO (Ron Gans - from the "Zombie" radio spot)

Voodoo Walk - The Voodoos

Voodoo - Richard Hayman and His Orchestra

Zombie - Los Sleepers

El Diablo - Silvestre Montes y sus Guantanameros

The Jungle - Diablito

The Voodoo Walk (?) - The Voodoos (?)

I’m Your Witchdoctor - John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers

Zombie - The Rondels

"They ARE the living dead!" - Dialogue (from "Horror of Party Beach")

(She Put The) Wamee (On Me) - Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Voodoo Mama - Wade Curtiss and the Rhythm Rockers featuring Dixie Dee

Wild Man Walk - The Ebonettes

Voo-Doo Queen and the Medicine Man - Bill James and the Hex-O-Tones

Voo Doo Twist - Johnny Winter

To-Bango - The 4 El-Moroccos

Voo-Doo Love - The Souvenirs

"Ramboona never fails!" - Bela Lugosi and George Zucco (dialogue from "Voodoo Man")

The Zombie Walks - The Rebel Rousers

Voodoo - The Unknowns

Voodoo Drums - The Shangaans

Jungle Call - The Rockin’ Ramrods

Wild Boy - Rocky Holman with Morty Wise and the Wisemen

"They live on flesh and subsist on blood!" - VO (from the "Horror of the Zombies" radio spot)

Watusi Zombie - Jan Davis

HEY, WEIRDOS: If this mix cranks your coffin lid, check out the mix by the great Estacion Zombie that inspired it:


THANK YOU TO: Debbie Daughtry/Boss DJ Roulette, Mr. Dan Epstein, Numero Group, the Cadre of Invaluable Accomplices, Ramboona (who never fails), and YOU.