Friday, November 17, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #40


01 The Mad Plaids - Blood Rare GOLDEN CREST

02 Roscoe and his Little Green Men Weird 20TH CENTURY FOX promo

03 The Savoys - Razorback STUDIO

04 Vinnie Rogers - Flash Flood DUEL

05 Stanley & Robert  Irish Rock LANCE  Frank DeRosa And His De-Men KEN

06 The Delancey's - The Scratch ABC PARAMOUNT PROMO


01 the del pris womp VARBEE

02 The Duvals Cotton BOSS

03 The Starlings Hokey-Smokey Mama DAWN

04 The Blanders Jitterbug SMASH RECORDS

05 The Dootones Ay Si Si DOOTONE

06 The 5 Royals - Tell the Truth KING


01 Harold Burrage and willie dixon band - She Knocks Me Out COBRA

02 J.J. Jackson and the Jackaels Oo-Ma-Liddi STORM

03 Lloyd Nolen Fun Fun KING

04 Sugar Pie and Pee Wee One two lets Rock ALADDIN

05 Rosco Gordon The Chicken FLIP RECORDS INC.

06 Ko Ko Taylor Wang Dang Doodle CHECKER


01 Warren Smith Got Love If you Want it SUN

02 Andy Starr One More Time MGM

03 Ronnie Self Date Bait COLMBIA PROMO

04 Roy Moss With Cliff Allen's Band – Wiggle Walkin' Baby FASCINATION

05 The Four Mints Wolf NRC

06 Sidney Ester and the Dreamers Let Me Walk With You GOLDBAND RECORDS

07 Roy Gaines Skippy is a Sissy RCA


01 H-Bomb Ferguson Rock H-Bomb Rock ATLAS

02 AL BROWNE and his Band with JAMES SPRUILL working out RIC RECORDS

03 Andy Charles and the Blues Kings Baby Don't Go D RECORD LABEL

04 Guitar Shorty Ways of a Man PULL LOS ANGELAS

05 Junior Wells Cha Cha Blues PROFILE

06 Lonesome Sundown Don't Say a Word EXCELLO


01 Big Boy Groves Teenage Party GME

02 Gaylen Ladd Her Loving Way MGM

03 Dale and the Meteors Don't Do It COUNSEL

04 The Young Monkey Men I'm waitin for the letter  P&M

05 The Zaks What Kind of Man WINE

06 The Zaks 66 -question mark- WINE

07 Inflamable Dan Drinkin Wine WINE

08 Pete Myers Twistin at the Pepperoni Lounge  wnew

09 The Us Four The Alligator RISING SUNS promo


Outro Laverne Baker Romance in the Dark

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