Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Mal Thursday Show: The Best of Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine Vol. 1


The Blind Owls: There Goes My Girl
The Nervebreakers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Mal Thursday with Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Every Night a New Surprise
Buddy Holly: Learning the Game
The Zakary Thaks: Mirror of Yesterday
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Save Your Affection
Willie Nelson: I Never Cared for You
The New Roadrunners: Tired of Living
Saucerians: Dawn
Sons of Hercules: Misunderstood
The Ugly Beats: Let Me Through
Kenny and The Kasuals: Empty Heart
'68 Comeback: Willie and the Hand Jive
Churchwood: Rimbaud Diddley
Junior Brown: Better Call Saul
The Really Rottens: Starting Line
The Uniques: Treat Her Right

The Blind Owls Live in Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
 I Know/Something About That Girl/
Out of My Mind/I'll Make You Happy/There She Goes

Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Good Men (Are Hard to Find)
Paul & Paula: Hey Paula
The Ramadas: Teenage Dream
The Fanatics: I Will Not Be Lonely
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Shame on You/Gonna Be My Girl/I Have Thoughts of You/Woman/Lucille/I'm Down
Neal Ford Factory: You Made Me a Man
Neal Ford & The Fanatics: Nighttime
The Satelliters: Lost in Time
Kenny and The Kasuals: Floating