Friday, September 22, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #32!


01 the del saints – tarzan WHIRL

02 dave and the detomics - detomic orbit VAN

03 The Stringshifters Honky Tonk Guitars NU SOUND RECORDS

04 The Abstracts Abstract Unlimited VANTAGE

05 Jimmy O’Neill with Kipper and and the Exciters - Twistin Train TORCHLITE

06 Three Kats - Ki-Kya Shout from Big Deal LP


01 Boss-Tones – Mope-Itty Mope BOSS

02 The Daybreakers Up Up and Away ALADDIN PROMO

03 The Schooners - Viddley Biddly Baby EMBER

04 The Cherokees Bed Bug UNITED ARTISTS

05 The Equalos Patty Patty MAD

06 The Five Owls I like Moonshine VULCAN

07 The Hornets Tango Moon FLASH


01 Hal Page and the Whalers - Thunder Bird J and S records

02 Wynonie Harris Drinkin Sherry Wine KING

03 Ervin - big boy - Groves You Can't Beat the Horses VITA

04 Guitar Slim Broke and Lonely DIAMOND

05 Sammy Fitzhugh and his Moroccan's Sadie Mae POPLAR

06 Melvin Davis and the Nite Sounds I Won't Be Your Fool FORTUNE


01 Bill Lehman and the Rock Itts Take it Easy Greasy PRIME 1

02 Clif Johnson Go Way Hound Dog COLUMBIA

03 Glenn Glenn One cup of Coffee ERA

04 Lou Graham Wee Willie Brown CORAL

05 The Buccaneers - Bye Bye Baby CUPID

06 Hank Mizell Jungle Rock EKO

07 Hayden Thompson Fairlane Rock SUN

08 Hayden Thompson Blues Blues Blues SUN


01 Howlin Wolf I'm leaving you CHESS

02 Jimmy Coe and his Gay Cats of Rhythm Baby I'm Gone STATES

03 Lighnin Hopkins Mussy Haired Woman CHART

04 Grandpappy Gibson  – The Monkey Likes To Boogie BOBBIN

05 Arthur Crudup Hoodoo Lady Blues RCA VICTOR rough

06 Slim Harpo I'm a King Bee EXCELLO


01 Cody Brennan and the Temptations Ruby Baby SWAN

02 The Wailers vocal by Kent Morrill Lucille GOLDEN CREST promo

03 Oscar Boyd When Things Get a Little Better HERMES RECORDS

04 Mack Rice Baby I'm Coming Home LU PINE PRODUCTIONS

05 Mickey Lee Lane Hey Sah Lo Ney SWAN

06 The Contrasts Monkey round CONTRAST


Outro Laverne Baker Romance in the Dark