Sunday, July 23, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #28


With Kogar the Swinging Ape

01 The Lincoln Trio Shake Down FASCINATION 


03 The Strangers Navajo TITAN the giant of sound

04 Fantastic Dee Jays Apache SHERRY

05 jerry lee trio – warpath NORTHWAY SOUND 

06 Cyclones Bullwhip Rock TROPHY

07 The Frantics The Whip DOLTON 

08 Chiyo and the Crescents Devil Surf BREAK OUT 

01 Peppermint Harris Angel Child DUKE

02The Glad Rags China Doll EXCELLO

03 Blues Rockers Calling all Cows EXCELLO

04 Kuf-Linx  Featuring John Jennings Service With a Smile CHALLANGE

05 Melvin Davis  - Playboy (Don't You Play In School) FORTUNE

06 Butch Vaden - Harem Girl FORTUNE

07 the nite sounds - cheese cake FORTUNE

01 Louie and the Fatmen - fat man JOSAN 

02 Bob Arlin and his band 708 OLYMPIA VAN HALL COLORADO

03 the brain twist - brain twist COLUMBIA

04 The Emblems - The Thrust part 2 OH MY RECORDS

05 Ritchie and the Squires Beat Party part 1   A RECORDS

06 tikis – bigfeet MINART

07 the gimicks - naughty rooster ENSIGN

08 The Jaguars Jaguar EPIC promo

09 The Dave Clark Five No Stopping CAPITOL

01 Bill Allen And The Back Beats  Please Give Me Something IMPERIAL

02 Buddy Covelle Lorraine CORAL

03 Dick Bush Hollywood Party ERA RECORDS

04 Joey Micheals Sixteen Cats ARCADE

05 Jim Oertling and the Bayou Boys Old Moss Back HAMMOND

06 Dale Hawkins Baby, Baby CHECKER

07 Dwarless Fearsley - Honey Bee JASON RECORDS

08 Hardrock Gunter Hesitation Boogie DECCA

09 Junior thompson Who's Knocking TUNE

01 Duck Flowers Wicket Chicken COOL RECORDS

02 Fat Daddy Holmes Chicken Rock JET

03 Link Wray Run Chicken Run SWAN

04 The Jesters   Peter Gunn Twist RIO

05 The Royal Coachmen bama lama

06 The End Not Fade Away CHA CHA RECORDS

07 The Rogues Don't Follow Me COMPASS

08  Johnny and the Nite Ryders I Had a Girl

09 Jerry Raye Mr Kicks DEVILLE RECORDS purple wax

10 Jim Doval and the Gauchos Mama Keep Yo Big Mouth Shut DIPLOMACY RECORDS