Sunday, October 24, 2021

A Night of Total Terror!


With Spookshow Serenade

1. A warning from Jack Curtis (Dialogue from "The Flesh Eaters" trailer)
2. American International Pictures Logo/Main Title ("The Haunted Palace") - Ronald Stein
3. Main Title ("Tarantula") - Herman Stein/Universal Studio Orchestra
4. Main Title ("The Devil Rides Out") - James Bernard
5. Grip of the Law (used as Main Title for "Plan Nine from Outer Space") - Trevor Duncan
6. Main Title ("The Alligator People") Irving Getz/The Radio Symphony Orchestra of Slovakia (Matastoshi Mitsumoto, conductor)
7. Main Title ("Night of the Demon") - Clifton Parker
8. Holy Water (Main Title #1 - "'Salem's Lot") - Harry Sukman
9. Dementia 13: Main Title - Ronald Stein
10. The Matango Woman ("Matango"/"Attack of the Mushroom People") - Sadao Bekku
11. "Matango" Englsh language trailer
12 La Cripta e L'Incubo ("Crypt of the Vampire"/"Terror in the Crypt") - Carlo Savina
13. Accade una Notte (library track) - Stelvio Cipriani
14. Processo ("Count Dracula") - Bruno Nicolai
15. Night Terror ("The Legend of Blood Castle") - Carlo Savina
16. Pujaro's Theme ("Horror Express") - John Cacavas
17. "They're just dead flesh." - Dialogue from "Night of the Living Dead"
18. La Luna di Miele ("Hatchet for the Honeymoon") - Santa Maria Romitelli
19. Nightmare (Main Title - "Bloody Pit of Horror") - Gino Peguri
20. Main Title ("Little Shop of Horrors") - Fred Katz
21. No Witnesses ("In Cold Blood") - Quincy Jones
22. Weird Discovery Then Escape ("Hand of Death") - Sonny Burke
23. Fuad Ramses Exotic Catering Service ("Blood Feast") - Herschell Gordon Lewis
24. "I thought I had a hallucination" - Dlalogue from "The Shiver of the Vampires" (music by Acanthus)
25. Main Title ("The Reincarnation of Peter Proud") - Jerry Goldsmith
26. Saying Goodbyes ("The Mutations") - Basil Kirchin and Jack Nathan
27. Aggression ("The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue") - Giuliano Sorgini
28. Weird Games ("Who Can Kill a Child?") - Waldo de los Rios
29. La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte ("The Red Queen Kills Seven Times") - Bruno Nicolai
30. Intro ("The Texas Chain Saw Massacre") - Tobe Hooper and Wayne Bell
31. Main Title ("Blue Sunshine") - Charles Gross
32. The Calling ("Martin") - Donald Rubenstein
33. Axe ("Axe") - George Newman Shaw and John Wilhelm
34. Ghost/Main Title ("The Living Skeleton") - Noboru Nishiyama
35. Eerie Heavy Echo (L-1214 - used as End Title for "Night of the Living Dead") - William Loose and Jack Cookerly
36. "Night of the Living Dead" radio spot