Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tonight, Crayons to Perfume presents David Gates girls featuring Suzy Wallis!

Before David Gates became part of Bread, he was not only a musician and songwriter, but a producer and arranger - and even a record label executive! Tonight we feature the songs of little Suzy Wallis, early Merry Clayton, Dorothy "Mrs. Louie, Louie" Berry and many other girls that David Gates had a hand with. This show, and all of our shows are archived HERE!

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nyrogrl said...

Suzanne Wallach, aka Suzy Wallis recorded many of David Gates hits. One being "Little Things Like That" Suzanne lived in Saint Louis Mo, and was one of the first young women to have a television show at the age of 10. Suzy's Playhouse. She now resides in California, and has been a back up singer for Sergio Mendez, The Beach Boys, and others.