Saturday, September 29, 2012

Funky Crimes - "Rap Sheet" + Special Edition

End of the line, brothers & sisters!  This will be the final FUNKY CRIMES post.  Those seeking further crime & punishment might want to check out the special edition FUNKY CRIMES mp3 disc--124 tracks, plus 62 original blaxploitation radio spots on a single CD-R (total playing time: 6 hours, 27 minutes).  CLICK HERE for more info.  Below are all of the tracks shared here on WFMU ICHIBAN over the past weeks:

Oceanliners - Funky Pants
The Nite-Liters - Itchy Brother
Sherlock Holmes Investigation - Black Bag
The Fabulous Counts - Jan Jan
The Soul Continentals - Goobah (African Twist)
The Politicians - Funky Toes
J.C. Davis - Coconut Brown
Preacher - Life Is a Gamble
Dennis Coffey - Getting It On
Bill Doggett - The Funky Whistler
Willie Tell & the Overtures - Kick-Back
The Dapps (featuring Alfred Ellis) - The Rabbit Got the Gun
March Wind - All the Way Down
The Black On White Affair - A Bunch of Changes
Dave Hamilton - Cracklin' Bread
The San Francisco TKOs - Herm
Jesse Anderson - Mighty Mighty


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this little lot J.R.W.


Anonymous said...

thank you. julia hayues

Anonymous said...

thank you. julia hayes